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1. (of animals) active at night
2. (of plants) having flowers that open at night and close by day


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Nocturnal means of or belonging to the night. In classical astrology, particular planets were classified as nocturnal or diurnal, no matter where they were in a horoscope. In contemporary astrology, planets are nocturnal if they are located below the horizon (in houses one through six). Many astrologers believe that planets above the horizon line show their influence more in the public sphere whereas planets below the horizon are more private, but this distinction clearly breaks down when considering planets in such locations as the twelfth house (a largely private house situated above the horizon). The expression nocturnal arc refers to the distance, expressed in degrees and minutes of a circle, that a planet traverses between its setting in the west and its rising in the east. Classical astrology also classified signs as diurnal (the masculine signs) and nocturnal (the feminine signs). Contemporary astrologers no longer use the expression nocturnal sign.


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Active during the nighttime.
(science and technology)
Occurring during the nighttime.
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With regard to the splints used in the neutral position where the carpal tunnel pressure is the lowest, it is convenient to use these splints only nocturnally since they limit the wrist functions.
Besides being most prominently pollinated by diurnally and nocturnally active, small- and large-bodied beetle groups, the Annonaceae during their evolutionary history have adapted also to thrips (Thysanoptera), e.
Charlee suffers nocturnally and, at present, is having up to 18 a night.
Furthermore, stored electricity can be utilized as growing light nocturnally, with surplus power able to be sold to grid.
An epic pic's bow needed an epic bow's close, so following the screening, in true Bat Style, guests partied nocturnally at the Freemasons' Hall until the early hours.
Okologische Auswirkungen kiinstlicher Lichtquellen auf nachtaktive Insekten, insbesondere Schmetterlinge (Lepidoptera) [Ecological effects of artificial light sources on nocturnally active insects, in particular on moths (Lepidoptera)].
Melanoplus gracilis could usually be found among stands of Verbasina virginica and Polymnia canadaensis, and was observed consuming the leaves of and nocturnally roosting on P.
Plasma cortisol peaks early during the daytime activity span; however, during the late night and early morning, plasma cortisol level is markedly reduced and thus unable to counter the increased RA disease activity signaled nocturnally by IL-6, TNF[alpha], and various other inflammatory cytokines (Fig.
Diel pattern of plant volatile profiles may differentially serve to recruit natural enemies diurnally and repel pest oviposition nocturnally (Ryan 2001).
By nonsense I mean not just the silly and absurd, although there's plenty of that: terrorist monkeys who seek to conquer the world; mummies who nocturnally roam the Smithsonian, looking for an exit; a talking moon rock who gives questionable advice.
Melatonin is the primary sleep hormone produced nocturnally by the pineal gland in a process driven by a "biological clock" located in the suprachiasmatic nucleus.
Besides, neon based signage has now become a cultural symbol for nightlife, and not all shops can brag about not being nocturnally challenged.