noise absorption

sound absorption coefficient,

a The fraction of the sound energy (incident at random angles on a surface) which is absorbed or otherwise not reflected by the surface.
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Alpha-Liner is based on Autoneum's newly developed technology, with which noise absorption can be adapted to the specific requirements of the vehicle model for the first time.
Novibra will present the LENA (Low Energy Noise Absorption) high-speed spindle, which reduces the energy consumption of the ring spinning machine.
This is one of the most important factors for noise absorption because such a structure decreases air-flow resistivity and thus the dissipation of the wave energy in the pores.
Within the engine compartment two pieces of ARPRO, totalling 58g, sit under the bonnet providing energy and noise absorption. Finally, the footrest in the driver's seat well and the kneepads by the steering wheel both use the material.
The combination of the blowing agent and the hot-melt com pound, at recommended high contents, makes it possible to very greatly reduce an expansion ratio and therefore a thickness of the rubber layer once the pneumatic tire is vulcanized, without affecting noise absorption properties provided by the blowing agent.
Lightweight and easy to move, when properly staggered the panels increase the perimeter-to-surface noise absorption area up to five-fold.
6, noise reducing potential and noise reducing mechanisms are different in these pavement types: noise reduction principles for dense pavements are associated with reducing tyre vibrations; for porous pavements--mostly, noise absorption and reduction of air pumping mechanism.
This also helped with noise absorption and provided extra protection for the pasta" said Lee Smith, Yamato's After Sales Commercial Manager.
It features new engine and exhaust mount designs, improved body rigidity and 30 percent more noise absorption materials, Tilt/telescopic-adjustable leather steering wheel and 60:40 split-folding rear seats, multi-layered paddings, dual-zone automatic climate control, rear air-con vents, full-colour Advance Drive Display within the instrument cluster, cruise control and keyless entry and start system.
Insulite provides excellent noise absorption, superior to that of number of commonly used building materials, reducing sound transmission.