noise insulation

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sound insulation, sound isolation

1. The use of structures and materials designed to reduce the transmission of sound from one room or area of a building to another or from the exterior to the interior of a building.
2. The degree by which sound transmission is reduced by means of sound-insulating structures and materials.
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Heathrow is allocating PS550m for noise insulation and property compensation and will launch a consultation with local people on proposals this summer.
With air suspension the ride is sublime while the noise insulation allows for almost silent running.
Heathrow will fully fund the scheme across all schools that have qualified for sound insulation and ventilation through the Community Buildings Noise Insulation Scheme.
The business, which develops and manufactures noise insulation components for the automotive industry, has reaped the rewards of overseas trade - having first set up abroad in Sweden in 2012.
The environment is also being addressed with hopes for quieter aircraft, including noise insulation schemes, and reduced pollution.
Sapropel sediments can also be used in the production of hydro, thermal, electric, and noise insulation plates, in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, and balneology.
Therefore the system also involves changes to the car cabin to provide better noise insulation and improved fresh air flow.
Possible finished products from rubber granulates are surfaces for sports fields, material for noise insulation and hoses for plant irrigation.
This features a thick, middle layer which also provides some pretty effective noise insulation.
Applying the aggregate method for facade noise insulation research formula (2) was used.
Fewer than 40 properties will experience noise levels of above 68 decibels, qualifying the owners for subsidised noise insulation.
The park uses materials that eliminates excessive energy consumption, controls indoor pollutant sources and provides sufficient noise insulation.