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A chart which represents an equation containing three variables by means of three scales so that a straight line cuts the three scales in values of the three variables satisfying the equation. Also known as abac; alignment chart; nomogram.
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(also nomogram), a particular kind of graphic functional relation. The nomograph is used primarily as a means of computation, as a device for making specific calculations in, for example, engineering.

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Wischmeier WH, Johnson CB, Cross BV (1971) A soil erodibility nomograph for farmland and construction sites.
Examination of the nomograph in Table II supports several ideas about the FSA designated amount.
Very interesting nomographs, which may be used to calculate weld impact strength from said parameters, are presented for use by practitioners.
Table 4 shows the recommended speed of each curve based on the ball-bank indicator criteria and nomograph in the TCDH, which is based on the standard curve speed formula with a friction factor of 0.16.
(2003) included the effect of hydrophobicity in the K factor, and assumed that a hydrophobic soil would have the lowest hydraulic conductivity accepted in the USLE soil nomograph. As explained above, the K factor is precisely defined from unit plots where fire-induced hydrophobicity was absent, and it seems inadvisable to tamper with it by introducing corrective coefficients.
For soils containing [is less than] 70% silt plus very fine sand, the nomograph of Wischmeier et al.
Usually the Soil Erodibiity Factor (K) factor can be attained from local Natural Resources Conservation Service offices, but the unique, inverted soil profile of the military earthworks caused us to determine K values from the standard nomograph provided by Dissmeyer and Foster (1984).
For example, the soil erodibility nomograph for the USLE does not seem to apply to many strongly structured soils found in the tropics (El-Swaify and Dangler 1976), although Loch and Rosewell (1992) showed that estimates of the erodibility parameter can be improved if wet sediment density and water-stable aggregate sizes were used instead of the density and sizes of primary particles as originally recommended (Wischmeier et al.
"So You're Going to Build a Water Storage Tank?" The author describes how water tank dimensions can affect water supply in storage and presents the use of a nomograph for calculating storage volume from circular tank dimensions.
When this happens a very helpful nomograph is given below.
This unusual nomograph allows the design engineer to predict the ratio of effective radiated power (ERP) of an on-board jammer to a decoy jammer.
As illustrated in the figure, graph paper used for this purpose often contains a nomograph on the righthand side of the chart and a "bull's eye" pattern nearby.