non-volatile storage

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non-volatile storage

(NVS, persistent storage, memory) A term describing a storage device whose contents are preserved when its power is off. Storage using magnetic media (e.g. magnetic disks, magnetic tape or bubble memory) is normally non-volatile by nature whereas semiconductor memories (static RAM and especially dynamic RAM) are normally volatile but can be made into non-volatile storage by having a (rechargable) battery permanently connected.

Dynamic RAM is particularly volatile since it looses its data, even if the power is still on, unless it is refreshed. An acoustic delay line is a (very old) example of a volatile storage device.

Other examples of non-volatile storage are EEPROM, CD-ROM, paper tape and punched cards.
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Other non-volatile storage technologies, such as PcRAM, are in development and might ultimately prove to be more durable, he says.
Serial EEPROMs deliver non-volatile storage in low-pin-count packages, suitable for many consumer, industrial, medical and communication products.
SD is an acronym for Secure Digital, a technology standard for providing portable devices with non-volatile storage and peripheral I/O expansion capability.
It utilizes an embedded microcomputer system, including software, conventional RAM and ROM, larger non-volatile storage, communications interfaces, user interfaces and analog-digital support for the audio inputs and outputs.
The EDAS CE can support up to 460 MB of non-volatile storage, allowing it to be used in stand alone data logging, data acquisition systems or to continue operating and logging data in the event of a network disruption.
A cluster architecture can use a shared SSD to make key files available to all servers in the cluster; this provides shared, non-volatile storage while avoiding the mechanical access latencies that that are introduced by shared disk storage.
The second part of this project analyses the physical error model of non-volatile storage memories like flash memories with the objective of developing coding strategies which correct these errors and mask defect cells of the memory.

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