non-volatile storage

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non-volatile storage

(NVS, persistent storage, memory) A term describing a storage device whose contents are preserved when its power is off. Storage using magnetic media (e.g. magnetic disks, magnetic tape or bubble memory) is normally non-volatile by nature whereas semiconductor memories (static RAM and especially dynamic RAM) are normally volatile but can be made into non-volatile storage by having a (rechargable) battery permanently connected.

Dynamic RAM is particularly volatile since it looses its data, even if the power is still on, unless it is refreshed. An acoustic delay line is a (very old) example of a volatile storage device.

Other examples of non-volatile storage are EEPROM, CD-ROM, paper tape and punched cards.
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The third party non-volatile storage available to BMC Software on Intel Active Management Technology platforms will enable consistent asset management regardless of changes.
It is the first commercially available memory on a standard logic process that combines non-volatile storage capabilities, fast-data access and high reliability with SRAM like read/write operations.
4 (MMC) controller with NAND to simplify system design requirements for embedded non-volatile storage in data-intensive multimedia handsets.
Configured with Flash technology, the MMC is built with a non-volatile storage solution that does not require a battery to retain data.
The unmatched fast access times and unlimited read/write SRAM performance, combined with high reliability SONOS non-volatile storage, makes nvSRAM the solution of choice for many applications.
The DiskOnChip solution gives our mutual customers the benefit of non-volatile storage capacity while conforming to the requirements of an embedded system.
The unmatched fast access times and unlimited read/write SRAM performance combined with high reliability SONOS non-volatile storage makes nvSRAM the solution of choice in many applications.
where he was involved in product research, development and integration of the company's non-volatile storage product lines in internet appliance, wireless voice and data communication, PKI and e-commerce arenas.
Specifying non-volatile storage devices such as E-Disk([R]) SSDs allows engineers to stretch their designs beyond the limits of what ordinary hard disk drive-based systems can reach," Bruce added.
In addition to the flash memory, a 4Kbit serial EEPROM is available for non-volatile storage of application parameters.

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