nondestructive testing

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nondestructive testing

[¦nän·di′strək·div ′test·iŋ]
A technique for revealing flaws and defects in a material or device without damaging or destroying the test sample; includes use of x-rays, ultrasonics, radiography, and magnetic flux.
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Nondestructive testing

Testing that does not destroy the object being tested. Techniques include the use of strain gauges, x-rays, and ultrasound.
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nondestructive testing (NDT)

Techniques of testing aircraft parts and components without altering or destroying physical or material properties or the integrity of the part. It is used to detect cracks and manufacturing defects. Some of the methods include X-ray, eddy current, magnetic, and dye penetrant testing. See eddy current testing, magnetic inspection, and dye penetrant testing.
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Innovations in the field of nondestructive testing have had a profound impact on medical imaging, including on echocardiography, medical ultrasonography, and digital radiography, which can act as a market booster in the coming years.
Knowledge about nondestructive testing of concrete with rebound hammer and ultrasonic pulse method is stated in various technical literatures, like [6-9].
Nondestructive testing of thickness of concrete mine lift shaft shell by means of ultrasonic tomograph, in The 42th International Conference on Defektoskopie, October 30-November 1, 2012, Sec, Czech Republic.
Considering the NDT needs for new construction projects and maintenance, the potential market for nondestructive testing equipment in the BRIC countries is huge.
The center will strengthen the Kingdom's capabilities in terms of human resources and infrastructure, as it will provide advanced services for research, development and nondestructive testing.
commands and Government activities responsible for the development and application of nondestructive testing methods in research, engineering, maintenance, and quality assurance.
Innov-X has newly introduced an X-ray fluorescence product platform that is both high performance and rugged and is a great fit with the nondestructive testing and remote visual inspection technologies of Olympus.
That was the message from Oil and Gas Affairs Minister and National Oil and Gas Authority chairman Dr Abdulhussain Mirza at the opening dinner of the three-day Middle East Nondestructive Testing Conference and Exhibition, which begins at the Gulf Hotel today.
Phoenix has a worldwide reputation for designing and making ultrasonic nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment.
Police arrested a businessman Thursday on suspicion of stealing a container bearing a hazardous radioactive substance from a warehouse of his company's larger business partner, a nondestructive testing company, in Chiba Prefecture, they said.
"Financial Justification Of Nondestructive Testing" provides management with a cogent, comprehensive, informed explanation of how inspection of products by high-tech methods can save money for a manufacturer and how to explain and justify the necessary expenses associated with product testing to upper management and stockholders.

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