nondestructive testing

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nondestructive testing

[¦nän·di′strək·div ′test·iŋ]
A technique for revealing flaws and defects in a material or device without damaging or destroying the test sample; includes use of x-rays, ultrasonics, radiography, and magnetic flux.

Nondestructive testing

Testing that does not destroy the object being tested. Techniques include the use of strain gauges, x-rays, and ultrasound.

nondestructive testing (NDT)

Techniques of testing aircraft parts and components without altering or destroying physical or material properties or the integrity of the part. It is used to detect cracks and manufacturing defects. Some of the methods include X-ray, eddy current, magnetic, and dye penetrant testing. See eddy current testing, magnetic inspection, and dye penetrant testing.
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The report highlights the followings: Global nondestructive testing market structure, size, etc.
To achieve 100% reliability, high-volume foundries perform additional nondestructive testing (NDT) methods, such as ultrasonic velocity (USV) and sonic resonance frequency (SRF), after cleaning and finishing castings.
The expert contributors to Nondestructive Testing of Food Quality clearly explain present industry advances and how to turn available instrumentation into valuable assets.
In addition, LTI has successfully completed audits and has been approved by Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC) member Crane Nuclear and by numerous other companies in the power generation industry to perform materials testing, nondestructive testing and/or calibration services, including:
Through its work in support of the profession and technologies of nondestructive testing, ASNT fulfills a truly indispensable role, helping to ensure the safety of much of the infrastructure we all use on a daily basis.
The nondestructive testing market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.
Capabilities include melting, pattern-making, green sand molding, no-bake molding and coremaking, investment casting, expendable pattern casting, metallography, nondestructive testing, mechanical testing, scanning electron microscopy, spectrometry and sand testing.
Vibrant Corporation is introducing a new nondestructive testing technology called Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT) to the aerospace industry.
The Hatfield, PA company is a leader in material testing, nondestructive testing (NDT) and calibration services and has been an exhibitor at Fabtech since 2006.
Charles Depew, president of the Edison Center, said the system's nondestructive testing capabilities "can revolutionize the way manufacturers test their parts and products.
As such, the Company has developed a suite of devices for the nondestructive testing of metal fatigue and monitoring of structural integrity.
Hicks joins fellow Inside Sales employee Joe Farrell in responding to customer inquiries, providing quotations, and expediting and tracking orders for the wide variety of services offered by the company, including nondestructive testing, calibration, materials testing and failure analysis.

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