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Judge advocates must be aware that "[a]ll Army property, except real property, is classified for property accounting purposes as expendable, durable, or nonexpendable.
Any nonexpendable piece of equipment which has been fixed in place or attached to equipment & instruments, but which may be severed or removed without impairing the piece removed or affecting the basic function of the object.
Materiel release is required for all nonexpendable materiel; high-density military expendables; materiel procured by the Defense Logistics Agency; jointly developed materiel; materiel procured by another Service; and software or block updates.
Another post saved money and improved internal controls by combining separate motor pool, facilities management and expendable supply operations with its nonexpendable operations.
Nonexpendable items will be hand-receipted and returned.
AR 735-5, Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability, requires inventorying and documenting every piece of nonexpendable and durable unit property and equipment at least once a year.
He may have been really one of the few "very nearly nonexpendable poets" of America, (42) but he failed to become the saint whom Buddy would like him to be.
Focus on GASB 34: Expendable and Nonexpendable Trust Funds
9, Reporting Cash Flows of Proprietary and Nonexpendable Trust Funds and Governmental Entities That Use Proprietary Fund Accounting; and Statement 14, The Financial Reporting Entity Statement No.
The comments questioned why nonexpendable property records, which were not being maintained for items acquired under grants, had to be maintained because of the cost.
Since, according to Cajetan, cambium ought to be regarded as an emptio venditio, he makes the most of market valuation and states that the market places a higher value on expendable than on nonexpendable money.