nonlinear video editing

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nonlinear video editing

Editing video in the computer. Also called "nonlinear editing" (NLE), digital nonlinear systems provide high-quality post-production editing on a desktop computer. However, some detail may be lost if lossy compression is used to store the images (see lossy compression).

Prior to editing in the computer, a system using several analog tape decks was considered nonlinear video editing. Editing in digital is considerably easier.

Electronic Publishing
If the video is used for electronic publishing on CDs, DVDs or the Web, after editing, the digital output is converted to any of several digital video formats.

Faster Movie Editing
If the video is a movie that was shot in film (analog), it is converted to digital to save time and money. The digital movie is edited, and when completed, the output is turned into an edit decision list (EDL). The EDL contains analog frame sources and time codes so that the original analog film can be quickly cut and spliced in the editing room, which costs several hundred dollars per hour.

From Analog to Digital to Analog
In order to produce today's graphics-intensive movies, the original analog film may be scanned at high resolution and converted to digital. The enhancements and animations are added to the original scenes in the computer, and the final output is converted back into analog film. This "digital intermediate" method allows myriad special effects to be added that would be extremely time consuming, if not impossible, in the analog domain.

A Wide Range of Prices
Nonlinear editing systems run the gamut from free software that works with video files already in the computer to add-in boards that support a variety of video inputs and outputs to stand-alone systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars. See linear video editing.
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The editing capabilities found in YouTube's back end aren't going to compete with nonlinear editors like Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, but there are some powerful and unique tools that can make simple editing projects even simpler.
Users can generate news and weather graphics for live playout or editing using nonlinear editors (NLEs), control compelling and visually stunning broadcast touchscreens, set up camera shots and control robotic cameras, and even generate replaceable virtual graphics to accompany the station's virtual studio design.
Ebooks are crying out for nonlinear editors who can push the form and format to create a nonprint experience that will resonate with readers steeped in short-form, stone-skipping, socially intermediated digital reading experiences.
For nonlinear editors, NetApp provides the central content repository that delivers content to editing and compositing storage systems.<p>Improve your workflow at lower cost <p>With NetApp data protection technology, less expensive SATA disk technology is now a viable choice for your workflow: digital content creation, management, delivery, and archive applications.
Merlin's video client provides not only advanced searching, but also the ability to monitor the status of the video through production stages, as well as tag in and out points that get transferred to popular nonlinear editors. Merlin works like a video picture desk, making most recent versions available immediately for editing in video programs.
The usual suspects -- Sony, Panasonic, Intel, Compaq, Adobe, Discreet Logic, Avid -- continued to attract throngs of buyers and the curious to their high-tech booths to show off digital cameras, computer systems and nonlinear editors, with all reporting strong interest and better-than-expected sales orders.
The software necessary to input and output video and audio fall into the categories of nonlinear editors, graphics and paint systems, and digital-video-effects (DVE) systems.

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