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The nonlinearity parameter R is given by the expression R = [L.sub.D]/[L.sub.NL], where [L.sub.NL] = [([k.sub.0][n.sub.2][I.sub.0]).sup.-1] is the nonlinearity length, [n.sub.2] is the Kerr index of silica, [I.sub.0] is the peak intensity.
The dispersive OB type arises from the linear and nonlinear contributions, among which the giant Kerr nonlinearity often dominates because it is enhanced by atomic coherence [12, 13].
The axial shear wave on cylindrical Cr-Mo-V specimens was found to be capable of fatigue and creep deformation of the nonlinearity measurement under the magnetostriction-type EMAT exciting [19, 20].
In other words, if the fluid flow in the influent fracture is nonlinear, the decrease in the nonlinearity of fluid flow in one of the two effluent fractures will be offset by an increase in the other.
In Section 3, a class of Kalman-type locally optimal filter is designed for discrete-time systems with stochastic nonlinearity functions, finite-step correlated noises, and missing measurements.
A freeplay nonlinearity usually results from backlash in loose and/or worn control surface hinges.
Next, the damping coefficient c and the forcing amplitude [V.sub.AC] were scaled so that their nonlinearity effect will be balanced in the modulation equations [6, 24] as follows:
The difference frequency signal that can be generated using this novel bubbly fluid through frequency mixing because of its enhanced acoustic nonlinearity is expected to be much stronger than that is possible with air bubbles.
In the present, acoustic nonlinearity has been investigated in many research areas, such as physics, mechanics and materials, for the characterization of micromechanical properties [11-13].
In this work, we are going to model a nonlinear hybrid plasmonic waveguide (NLHPW), study its Kerr nonlinearity, and model a ring resonator device based on the NLHPW.
Ahmed and Malik (2011) find nonlinearity in the reaction function; SBP has asymmetry in the degree of leaning against the wind in high and low inflationary regimes.
Bates and Watts (1980) quantified the nonlinearity present in the models, based on geometric concept of curvature, and showed that this nonlinearity can be decomposed into two components: intrinsic [c.sup.l], which is the nonlinearity characteristic of the model, and parametric [c.sup.[theta]], which represents the effect of the nonlinearity parameter in the model.