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What does it mean when you dream about a noose?

A hanging tree with a noose is a symbol of fear and anxiety. If the noose is around the neck of someone, perhaps there is repressed anger and rage at a person or a condition. (See also Necktie).

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Slaughter of these animals is horrific, with cats strangled outside their cages as other cats look on and dogs noosed with metal wires are slashed across the groin until they bleed to death as the wire noose cuts into their throat."
Plainly, this noose of indecipherable female voices and unspeakable, unspoken female thoughts represents the semiotic register, and the noosed house containing the mother and two daughters is a Kristevan semiotic chora, a non-verbal, nonrationalist, maternal magic circle.
They do it by finding "the key, the code, the sound that broke the back of words" (261), creating, just as they used to do in the Clearing, their own semiotic chora--and chorus--that encloses the noosed house in sound.