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prickly pear cactus

prickly pear cactus

This popular cactus can grow all over the world and is destined to be the next big herbal superstar. Each part of this plant is both food and medicine, and its been used for centuries. Antiviral properties used for herpes, flu, HIV, obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, cholesterol, and skin problems. The fruit of the cactus, which looks like pink easter eggs—also known as the pulp or tuna, can be eaten much like other fruits. They taste like raspberries and are SUPER high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, beta carotene, potassium, cancer-protecting flavonoids and huge doses of vitamin C. Prickly pear fruit has been clinically shown to reduce cholesterol. Seeds can be ground into flour. The flat green pads contain a full range of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. It is extremely rare for a plant source to have this many amino acids. It’s very high in dietary soluble fiber, mucilage and pectin. Mucilage is the sticky juice that oozes from the pad when it is sliced, the same mucilaginous immuneboosting polysaccharide found in Aloe Vera. Studies have shown the prickly pear cactus to be effective against diabetes, even type II. Apparently, it helps the pancreas create insulin. Amazing. The juice can be applied to warts and consumed to work on kidney stones. Tea made from the pads are used for lung problems, prostate issues and diabetes. When harvesting cactus, use tongs. Maybe even have some super thick work gloves or welding gloves. There are the big sharp obvious spikes, but be aware that at the base of those are little teeny tiny hairs that stick in your skin and can drive you nuts. These are called “glochids” but who cares what they are called. Just be ready for it and be careful when handling cactus. The payoff is well worth it! Hose off the cactus pieces as much as you can with water somehow- in the sink or with a hose. Then scrape off the needles while holding with tongs. Some people carve out the base of each spine with a knife where the glochids are. Then peel off the skin to eat, or if you want a cactus smoothie, simply throw the whole thing in a Vitamix, skin, prickles and everything, run it on high speed for a while until everything is absolutely liquified. Then strain through a fine mesh strainer or nut milk bag and mix with fresh squeezed orange juice. Both the egg-shaped fruit and the flat pads can be eaten. People of many cultures peel the skin off the pads and cut them into strips to stir fry like any other vegetable. the flower can be added as garnish and eaten also. For pink lemonade- drop the pink fruit "eggs" into Vitamix blender with some lemon and optional honey, blend, strain out the prickles and you have amazing pink lemonade. The slimy inside can be mixed with water and used to wash and condition hair and even lather into a soap! The whole plant is edible.
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En cada visita, durante una hora se examinaron nopales con mayor incidencia de cochinilla silvestre del nopal en tres parcelas.
The week following our discussions on nopales, Ines brought a pot of nopales guisados (stewed cactus) for the class to share.
The pads of the cactus Opuntia are known as nopales and are used in Mexico as dietary supplement to promote weight loss and as medicine to treat inflammation and pain.
This is why don't understand how you can put articles in your magazine such as the one I mentioned above and the one about Lupe Valdez and then turn around and put a full-page ad of Corona [beer] in the back page with an Asian man with Nopales on his head.
I've found myself enthralled, for instance, by the frequency in the game of gastronomic motifs (churos, nopales, horchata, pozole), religious symbols and amulets (ex-votos, miracles, magic powder, the Virgin of Guadalupe), and pop icons axed the media (El Santo; Subcomandante Marcos, known as "El Sup"; TV soaps; comic strips).
Para percibir como esa tradicion se expresa actualmente en nuestro medio, basta mirar un mercado o nuestras propias cocinas; ya no encontraremos ahi la gran variedad de productos que se aprovechaban otrora, pero si estaran los nopales, las tunas, la flor de palma, la calabaza, el camote" (Marquez, 1993).
In one study, 16 diabetic patients were given 500 grams of broiled nopales stems to eat each day.
This local feel is illustrated in many ways, ranging from the restaurant's name--taken from the two sides of the 10-peso coin--to tasty servings of nopales, a vegetable not found outside our borders and uncommon in posh Mexican settings.
I raised him on too many nopales," a mother laments when a cactus begins growing from her son's head.
That is why eating or drinking cold foods (avocado, nopales, eggs, or tomatoes among others) represent a greater risk and should be avoided.
Entonaba con ella los cantos tradicionales de nuestro bosque tropical, golpeando apasionadamente las canas de bambu y las raices adventicias de los nopales para marcar mejor la medida.
Entre otras cosas, se observa que los sitios con huertos antiguos (CX y OB) presentan del doble al quintuplo de area basal del estrato arboreo que los otros sitios; es decir, que las poblaciones de nopales y pitayas, ademas de ocurrir en mayor densidad, presentan areas basales mayores, debido a su mayor antiguedad y tolerancia por los pobladores.