normal cement

ordinary portland cement, Type I portland cement

A portland cement used for general construction which is produced without any of the special distinguishing qualities imparted to other types.
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Sometimes, customers require early concrete strength of over 5 MPa in fourteen hours, even if the only production line of normal cement is available in the cement plant, or if the limited number of batch plants for normal cement in the construction sites is operated for the massive construction projects.
When supplied with 100 V of electricity, the temperature variation of the normal cement mortar was 1.1[degrees]C.
While Figure 12 shows no major changes in the crystallinity, Figure 13 (a closer look) shows growth of the calcium silicate hydrates (C-S-H) gels compared with the normal cement mortar.
In addition, the production process for this green cement, which is being made at a factory in Sancti Spiritus, has 29% lower energy costs than normal cement.
In 1960-70 a normal cement plant used to have the capacity to produce 1000 to 1500 tone cement per day.
The price of cement group witnessed a slight decline by 1.3% during the first quarter of 2010 compared to the fourth quarter of 2009 due to the decline in the price of normal cement by 1.4%.
One ton of recycled ash offsets nearly a ton of C02 emissions that would have been generated if this material were created through the normal cement kiln method.."
Lightweight cellular concrete, which has approximately one third the cement content of normal cement grout, is much easier to pump over these types of distances.
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