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Solicitor Samantha Spain, who is also vice-president of Huddersfield and Dewsbury Law Society, said: "It is an absolute privilege to be able to give something back to our clients, who have been through some of the most difficult experiences imaginable but are trying to have a normal family life.
He says: "We're a normal family - we've had ups and downs.
Like a normal family, there will always be problems.
At the minute we are enjoying life, we will deal with the relapse, if it ever happens, but for now we have Reagan and the other kids to think about, we are just a normal family now," he said.
But she added: "We are a normal family and will stay that way.
As far as we're concerned, within our family unit we are a normal family.
What happened to good old-fashioned entertainment that embraced decency and normal family life, or is immorality now seen as normal?
GLOBAL star Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed he wants to live a normal family life in London when he becomes a father in the next few weeks.
A family ticket for four people, including at least one child under 16 years of age, can be bought for PS20 - which is a saving of PS28 on the normal family ticket price.
They are a normal family, living a normal family life; but in this family, mum and dad are both deaf.
Youngsters could spend a whole weekend behind bars in a bid to help maintain normal family life in the controversial move being looked at by jail bosses.
her compelling narrative takes in her struggle to find love, the anguish of repeated cycles of IVF and trying to remain true to her artist-self while maintaining a normal family life.