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Analysis of the HSP70:GAL4 effect in the ovary is likely to provide new insights into the normal function of ovarian follicle cells.
Vitamin C is used to support the immune system but it is also important in the normal function of skin, ligaments and blood vessels.
The EFSA Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies has accepted health claims linking the dietary intake of selenium to: "protection of DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage, normal function of the immune system, norma) thyroid function and normal spermatogenesis.
It has been proven safe and effective for adults and children aged six and older and weighing 33 pounds or more, and restores normal function so patients can speak, smile and drink in approximately half the time.
He notes that some midge larvae endure sojourns in absolute alcohol and then recover normal function when returned to water.
Growing (culturing) or maintaining liver cells outside of the body (in vitro), has proven difficult because once liver cells are removed from the body for culture, they soon lose their normal function.
NINDS: Research on the development, normal function, and diseases of the nervous system.
When the layout of the bathing area is designed, a window should be included to allow natural light to filter in--a necessity for normal function and emotional balance.
Since the normal function of the chemokine receptors used by HIV-I for entry is to activate cells in response to various stimuli, he hypothesized that the virus itself (or its envelope glycoprotein gp120 that mediates attachment to cells) might mimic natural activation signals and he responsible for inflammation and injury in organs like brain and lung where macrophages are infected and also activated.
Return of normal function on the paralyzed site of the face cannot be achieved regardless of the surgical technique used, once the facial nerve trunk has been severed.
They describe three models for understanding medical necessity: the normal function model, the personal capability model, and the welfare model.
For example, the label of One-A-Day's Women's formula says: "Vitamin A is essential for the normal function of vision.