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It is common to dream about our relationships. You can interpret this dream by remembering the details and comparing them to the realities of your daily life. In your dream state you may be experiencing some wish-fulfillment or confronting things that you would normally ignore. Some say that relationships with strangers in your dream state represent the different sides of your personality.
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On the firing, I would just like to reiterate that peace and tranquillity on the border is of the highest importance in establishing the preconditions for such a peaceful and normal relationship," said Foreign Secretary, Sujatha Singh at a media briefing in New Delhi.
I'm not going out for dinner with Mark, but we have a normal relationship.
President Rouhani and his colleagues want a proper and normal relationship not only with the West but the rest of the world, and they want Iran to come in from the cold," said Straw.
Anyway, my problem is, why can't I do a normal relationship now with a really nice guy?
Recently, five justices of the Supreme Court were bitten too, and struck down the normal relationship between a man and a woman under the law, DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).
He added that the Sudanese Egyptian military cooperation reflects a normal relationship between two armies.
I believe they've concluded that they missed a window of opportunity to establish a more normal relationship with us," said Dempsey, referring to discussions with Iraqi defense chiefs.
Whatever the differences, it's abnormal not to have a normal relationship with a neighbouring country," Othmani's predecessor Taeib Fassi Fihri said in November following talks with Medelci on the sidelines of an Arab League meeting in Rabat.
The US ambassador Cameron Munter met Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar on Tuesday and discussed ways how to revive normal relationship, sources told.
He said: "I've been ditched at the altar and another fiancee ran away so a normal relationship would be good.
Obama said the two countries now move into "a new phase" and that it will be "a normal relationship between sovereign nations.
Iraqi relationship "will be a normal relationship between sovereign nations.