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normal school:

see teacher trainingteacher training,
professional preparation of teachers, usually through formal course work and practice teaching. Although the concept of teaching as a profession is fairly new, most teachers in industrialized nations today are college or university educated.
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Normal school is a translation of the French term ecole normale, meaning a school that was intended to serve as a model for other teaching schools.
Under this plan, Takamine Hideo studied at Oswego Normal School in Oswego, New York; Kozu Sensaburo studied at Albany Normal School in New York; and Isawa was sent to Bridgewater Normal School in Massachusetts.
We are working during the normal school hours, but attendance is certainly lower than normal,' said a spokeswoman.
Their children, Isabelle, six, John Andrew, five, and Jessica, three, were told they could only wear a daffodil or leek with their normal school uniform to mark the day, and were banned from wearing red rugby tops, dai caps or the Welsh national costume.
The Pennsylvania Normal School Act of 1857 spurred the grown of normal schools in the state.
Increased intervention of state authorities to establish universal requirements for teacher training led to the closing of normal schools in America.
In November 1905, Calgary was granted the consolation prize--the teacher training facility, or normal school, and with its development came one of Alberta's first libraries.
The idea is that eventually all children will have "passports" which kids can have stamped when they attend out of school activities to monitor how much exercise they are taking outside normal school games and PE.
And spoiled rich-kid Ja'mie, who is spending a term in a normal school to appreciate her private education, fell foul of her new mates by ridiculing them on MySpace.
Kenneth Lindblom, William Banks, and Rise Quay begin by offering Illinois State Normal School (Normal, IL) in contrast to the Wisconsin normal schools represented in earlier work by Kathryn Fitzgerald ("Rediscovered").
Oliviera is two levels ahead of normal school grade for his age - but his mother says he's not a cloistered genius.
Chartered in 1854 by the state legislature, Salem Normal School became the fourth normal school in Massachusetts.