normal shock wave

normal shock

A shock wave at 90° to the direction of airflow. It is found ahead of an airfoil approaching the speed of sound. Airflow behind the normal shock is invariably subsonic. Also called a normal shock wave.

plane wave

A shock wave whose front is normal to the direction of propagation. See normal shock wave.
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The Mach number contours show that the airflow speed after a normal shock wave reduces to be subsonic.
The pressure distribution curves of the stationary engine case and rotor rim surface are completely overlapped before normal shock wave in the different [P.sub.r] as shown in Figure 9.
[8] studied the evolution of continuous small disturbance waves in hypersonic flow by using direct numerical simulation (DNS) and found that, because of the normal shock wave, the forcing disturbance in freestream is enlarged.
In general, due to the fact that the amplification caused by normal shock wave (approximates) in nose is larger than that caused by oblique shock wave in nonnose, the amplitude of pressure disturbance in nose is significantly larger than that in nonnose.
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The weak shock produces a small disturbance in the flow behind the shock wave, the next important solution of oblique shock waves are strong oblique shock waves, if normal shock waves created over the wedge, the tremendous changes in the physical quantities in the ahead and behind the shock wave and within the ramjet subsonic diffuser and also heat transfer occur in a non-equilibrium state.
Subsequent chapters address steady one-dimensional flow, normal shock waves, oblique shock and expansion waves, compressible flow equations, similarity rule, and two-dimensional compressible flows, among other topics, ending with chapters on ramjet, and jets.