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in chemistry: see concentrationconcentration,
in chemistry, measure of the relative proportions of two or more quantities in a mixture. The concentration of a solute is very important in studying chemical reactions because it determines how often molecules collide in solution and thus indirectly determines
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in chemistry, the concentration of a solution expressed by the number of gram equivalents of solute per liter of solution. This method of expressing concentration is widely used in analytical chemistry. (SeeGRAM EQUIVALENT and .)


Measure of the number of gram-equivalent weights of a compound per liter of solution. Abbreviated N.
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As of the 2010 Census, the new normalcy is a largely separate and unequal society in educational, health and economic opportunity.
Asked how does the party views the current turmoil in the state, Tewari said the Congress had always maintained that IHK had gone through repeated cycles of violence "essentially instigated by forces who do not want peace and normalcy to return to the state".
Finally, in a subtle yet telling sign of cyber new normalcy, hackers in 2008 attacked the Barack Obama and John McCain campaign Web sites, compromised Mr.
In this regard, crisis intervention is intended to optimize the victim's functioning across all social domains, including home, work and school, and to return the victim to a feeling of normalcy.
MacKenzie advocates seeking a balance between Corporate Normalcy (process) and dynamic creativity (heroism), where a person is able to occasionally operate "beyond accepted models, patterns or standards--all while remaining connected to the spirit of the corporate mission.
Agnew adds that other vital steps include trauma counselling, recreation and getting children into school to give them a reassuring sense of normalcy in the midst of chaos.
Thus, in Alberto Moravia's Il conformista, the protagonist Marcello's imagined, inferred and longed-for normalcy, far from subsisting as a pure concept in an ideal realm of unchanging thought, is likewise provisory, unstable and differential; normalcy serves the realist novel as an undecidable.
Therefore, people like Mary Cheney, being a good worker, a good neighbor, a good daughter, and out, are demonstrating the normalcy of GLBT people.
Normalcy occurs when the family returns to a routine of sharing and caring.
The Cuban press, meanwhile, gleefully reported a return to normalcy "disagreeable to those who, beyond [Venezuela's] borders, had built up hasty illusions concerning the counterrevolutionary coup d'etat which was rapidly swept away by a popular tide.
Sometimes striving to fir into society's set views of normalcy makes a person less real.
Departure: Allow people to return to familiar surroundings and share reactions with friends -- to proceed with some degree of normalcy.