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in chemistry: see concentrationconcentration,
in chemistry, measure of the relative proportions of two or more quantities in a mixture. The concentration of a solute is very important in studying chemical reactions because it determines how often molecules collide in solution and thus indirectly determines
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in chemistry, the concentration of a solution expressed by the number of gram equivalents of solute per liter of solution. This method of expressing concentration is widely used in analytical chemistry. (SeeGRAM EQUIVALENT and .)


Measure of the number of gram-equivalent weights of a compound per liter of solution. Abbreviated N.
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The Karnataka government doesn't seem to be favouring either side, in its order to return normalcy at the plant.
The new normalcy is certainly not the same as 1963.
It's a tough situation and the coalition government is doing whatever it can to bring normalcy there.
terrorist infiltration into India is a result of Kashmir's return to normalcy
5) Mumbai is not an outlier; it is cyber new normalcy.
We--in both our countries--need to find another language that does not assume some false normalcy in whiteness and allows us to speak of who people are in themselves and not measured against some other standard or opposite.
We hope that the unfortunate event will not affect the process of reconciliation, restoration of peace and normalcy in Iraq,'' he said.
By Thursday evening in the US, airlines and airports said they already were approaching normalcy.
Cigar Night,'' also seems to help -- ``Closest thing to normalcy as you're going to get here,'' one medic explains, though here, ``normal'' qualifies as enjoying a smoke on a rooftop and watching explosions in the distance.
95) tells of the summer before high school when child model-actress Angela faces a big Hollywood movie which diminishes her efforts to move away from her child actress life into normalcy.
Katrina's winds and waters left devastated lives and a damaged region that won't regain a sense of normalcy for a long time.
Day number 98 on the nearly symmetrical count-up toward some semblance of normalcy comprises four terse phrases ending with the single word: ENOUGH.