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The smallest of the nucleated precursors of the erythrocyte; slightly larger than a mature adult erythrocyte. Also known as acidophilic erythroblast; arthochromatic erythroblast; eosinophilic erythroblast; karyocyte; metakaryocyte; metanitricyte; metarubricyte.



one of the stages in the maturation of erythrocytes in the bone marrow of mammals and man. The cytoplasm of a developing normoblast gradually becomes enriched with hemoglobin and the nucleus degenerates, resulting in the emergence of a mature erythrocyte.

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4) Di Guglielmo described a second variant characterized by a pure normoblastic proliferation, acute erythremia, subsequently referred to by others as true erythroleukemia, minimally differentiated erythroleukemia, and pure erythroid leukemia.
Modest anemia may occur from hemolysis and reversible normoblastic maturation arrest.