north celestial pole

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north celestial pole

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North Celestial Pole


one of the two points of intersection of the celestial sphere with the earth’s axis, that is, with a line parallel to the earth’s axis of rotation and passing through the center of the celestial sphere. In the 20th century the north celestial pole, which wanders as a result of precession, is located approximately 1° from the star Polaris.

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Polaris is less than 1 [degrees] from the north celestial pole.
If we go back just over 400,000 years, Aldebaran and Capella were very close together in the sky--and at one point were together near the north celestial pole.
Egypt's Great Pyramid was oriented to the sky's daily rotation around the north celestial pole, which establishes directionality in the landscape.
It swings around at 3/4[degrees] from the north celestial pole, so on June evenings Polaris is not quite 2[degrees] lower than it is in December.
At the north end, the meridian line climbs a stairway constructed to ascend at the angle of the north celestial pole.
During the next 26,000 years, Earth's north celestial pole will gradually migrate from Polaris (where it is now) toward the constellation Cepheus, then Cygnus, Lyra, and back around through the tail of Draco, tracing a counterclockwise circle among the stars.
905[degrees] from the north celestial pole (almost nine times farther than in 2007, due to precession), it must be early in the year AD 1054, and the supernova that will give rise to the Crab Nebula is about to go off.

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