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1. the point of the compass or direction midway between north and east, 45? clockwise from north
2. any area lying in or towards this direction
3. of or denoting the northeastern part of a specified country, area, etc.
4. (esp of the wind) from the northeast


the northeastern part of England, esp Northumberland, Durham, and the Tyneside area
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On the night of December 21st, northern Europe and northeasternmost North America get a good view; see last month's issue, page 77.
In China's northeasternmost province of Heilongjiang, which borders on Russia, banditry was pervasive during the period of the region's development, particularly from 1900 to 1931.
These vagrants appear to have spread into Roberts County in northeasternmost South Dakota.
The plan, drafted during the past four years by architect Otto Poticha under a state grant, could turn northeasternmost Glenwood from a low-rent hodgepodge of industrial sites and used car lots into a posh mixture of river-view apartments, offices, restaurants and shops.
The Southside was the northeasternmost extension of the "black belt," that great swath of the South where agriculture was king and mostly black people worked the land.
Ask for one of the northeasternmost tables on Steiner Street, where the sun shines the longest.
Located in Russia's northeasternmost state, it is the size of the United States east of the Mississippi.
In this book, he surveys the contributions the six northeasternmost states have made to American musical culture, concentrating on the region's major art music composers and giving less space to the histories of organizations and institutions.
The proposed ocean wilderness area, the Gulf of Maine International Ocean Wilderness Area (GOMIOW), would start approximately 20 nautical miles from the northeasternmost point on the Maine coast and extend 178 nautical miles along the political boundary separating the US and Canadian Exclusive Economic Zones ("the Hague Line"), across the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank, and out to the continental abyssal plain to depths greater than 4,000 meters.
2 m separating the apparent focal tree ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED], cell C-2) and the northeasternmost heavily attacked tree (cell A-3).

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