northern hemisphere

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northern hemisphere

1. that half of the globe lying north of the equator
2. Astronomy that half of the celestial sphere north of the celestial equator
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Northern Hemisphere

[′nȯr·thərn ′hem·i‚sfir]
The half of the earth north of the Equator.
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22 WINTER BEGINS in the Northern Hemisphere at the solstice, 12:30 a.m.
But this time, spring will begin in the Northern Hemisphere.
The planet is tilted so that the Northern Hemisphere is pointing in the opposite direction of the sun, meaning the least sunlight is able to reach it.
Northern Hemisphere teams occasionally beat the Southern Hemisphere sides and then make a big thing about it but we do not beat them often enough and especially when it matters.
The scientists said that the disciovery tells them that the liquids in Titan's northern hemisphere are not simply stagnant and unchanging, but rather that changes do occur.
The heat from this warm water then escapes into the atmosphere after reaching the extratropics of the Northern Hemisphere, contributing to the abundant rainfall.
Many societies in the upper latitudes in the northern hemisphere celebrate this day (June 22) as a festival.
ISLAMABAD -- is the year's longest day in the countries located in the northern hemisphere including Pakistan.
But, as he looks ahead to this weekend's rematch in his hometown of Hamilton, Gatland says northern hemisphere triumphs count for little in this rugby-mad land.
AUSTRALIAN champion sire Redoute's Choice, who will be represented by a yearling filly at the Tattersalls October sale this year, made further impact in the northern hemisphere last weekend as the sire of Prince Rexy, winner of a 1m1/2f allowance race on turf in the US.
Fires in high-latitude forests and peaty soils of the Northern Hemisphere may loft hundreds of tons of mercury into the atmosphere each year, much more than scientists had expected, a new analysis suggests.

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