Baltimore oriole

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Baltimore oriole:

see orioleoriole,
common name applied to various perching birds of the Old (family Oriolidae) and New (family Icteridae) Worlds. The European orioles are allied to the crows, while the American orioles, of the hangnest group, belong to the blackbird and meadowlark family.
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Male Northern Orioles eject cowbird eggs: implications for the evolution of rejection behavior.
At Soledad Campground, visitors can see migratory songbirds such as the Nashville warbler, blackheaded grosbeak and northern oriole.
A 23-acre man-made pond in the reservoir basin provides a winter refuge for the geese and other migratory waterfowl, as well as a nesting area for neotropical migrant birds such as the Northern oriole, Western kingbird and the silky flycatcher, said Arthur Langton of the Audubon Society.

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