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1. the point of the compass or direction midway between north and west, clockwise 315? from north
2. any area lying in or towards this direction
3. of or denoting the northwestern part of a specified country, area, etc.
4. in, to, towards, or (esp of the wind) from the northwest


1. the northwestern part of England, esp Lancashire and the Lake District
2. the northwestern part of the US, consisting of the states of Washington, Oregon, and sometimes Idaho
3. (in Canada) the region north and west of the Great Lakes
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Should the flight attendants enter into a ratified agreement prior to Northwest finalizing its plan of reorganization, an approved claim would also be available to them.
US government opposes Northwest flight attendant strike.
Flights are well-timed so that passengers can directly connect with Northwest flights in all directions either via Detroit or the Twin Cities.
More than any other new international route that Northwest has launched, the success of this one depends on attracting travelers that today are driving to other airports," said Haan, executive vice president - international, alliances and information technology and chairman of NWA Cargo, at the Connecticut Convention Center.
Northwest Airlines and Air France, SkyTeam partners who were rebuffed by the US Dept.
No other airline system in the world can provide passengers with the travel options available through KLM and Northwest," said Peter Hickson, KLM's district passenger sales manager.
Northwest has said a strike by pilots and the corresponding shutdown of its Airlink service offered by Mesaba Airlines and Express I Airlines would eliminate 2,640 daily departures at 223 airports in the United States and abroad.
Northwest Savings Bank, will operate all four facilities as full service community banking centers, offering not only the company's full range of checking, savings and retirement savings programs but also lending programs to serve all home borrowing and personal needs.
Since the start of our cooperation in 1989, KLM and Northwest Airlines have received many awards and other recognitions from within the airline industry and - more importantly - from our customers," said Hans de Roos, senior vice president of Alliances at KLM.
Northwest Airlines mechanics, represented by the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Assn.
As time passed and the area was affected by two postwar migrations, those of us who came to the Northwest fifty years ago found a different attitude toward Baptists.
The service, jointly developed by Northwest Airlines and KLM, will be offered throughout their worldwide international route system beginning February 15.

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