nose line

nosing line, nose line

The slope of a stair determined by a line connecting the lead edge or nosing of the stair treads.
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Connect the nose line to the tip of the brows to make it look natural.
If you shape your brows right, you can give yourself a thinner nose line, and even accentuate your cheekbones.
She also allegedly refused to have her makeup done by artists hired by BB, believing that they won't be able to execute perfectly what's most important to her: her nose line!
By the way, is NG's nose line her long-held beauty secret and birthright rolled into one?
All subjects needed a great deal of time to navigate independently through the adaptation Subject one, for instance, did not immediately understand the curved nose line: in her opinion, a straight line would be more specific.
Draw a faint vertical center line - the nose line - from top to bottom.
Mark the tip of the nose on the nose line about one-third from the bottom of the egg.
Mark a spot for the middle of the lips on the nose line about halfway between the tip of the nose and the bottom of the chin.
The white-blonde hue of his mane was accentuated by Kardashians contoured cheeks, gorgeous inky eyes and steep nose line. His full lips also matched the color of his tress.