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In the Nosebag and adjoining 'Public bar' (surely it could be given a more interesting name) there are some big pictures but not much seating.
It's an excuse for a giant knees-up where you can neck a quart of Chardonnay and play with Thomas the Tank Engine while having a good nosebag at the same time.
Not that I can see me slipping on a nosebag with either, but I know who I would prefer to have round to Punter Towers as a dinner guest.
I've asked the other girls round for a bit of nosebag and a natter,' she told me.
First the plucky finalists flew all the way to Australia to knock up a spot of nosebag for John Torode's mates.
Evolution, humankind, generations, family tree, ginger, knock-kneed, nosebag, grazing, meat, fat, chipolatas, brawn, muscles, mussels, shellfish, selfish, welcoming, unerring, cavity.
The ceremony was taken at a gallop, the guests all anxious to get to the nosebag.
And after blending some oils in a nosebag for the mare, its lung infection cleared up.
95, while our a la carte nosebag for three (including two bottles of wine) was just over 70 quid.
When our culinary heroes switch their talents to knocking up nosebag for 812 public school kids at Harrow, Mrs H is sweating up a storm as she stirs her chicken.