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(building construction)
Projection of a tread of a stair beyond the riser below it.
(civil engineering)
A transverse, horizontal motion of a locomotive that exerts a lateral force on the track.


The rounded edge of a horizontal surface that projects beyond the vertical surface below, such as the projection of a tread beyond the riser.

nosing, nose

The prominent, usually rounded, horizontal edge which extends beyond an upright face below; as the projection of a tread beyond a riser.
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Ideal for retrofit or new construction, these stair nosings have a rating that exceeds New York City Building Code Reference Standards RS 6-1 and RS 6-1A.
Used on their own, or as part of a complete photoluminescent safety system, the new stair nosings from Lumonall are a step up, providing the protection you expect in a nosing, plus reliable guidance that can make the critical difference in emergency situations.
manufactured non-slip photoluminescent stair nosing for all building applications.
SlipNOT([R]) products include non-slip plates, grating, stair treads, ladder rungs, ladder rung covers, nosings, vault covers, handrails, drain covers, perforated and expanded metal retrofit plate.
Contract Notice: replace floor coverings and nosings to stairways at SPS Headquarters in Edinburgh.
Tenders are invited for Repairs to capstan chequred plate covers, frames, nosings at north and south dry docks at naval dockyard, visakhapatnam
The external sunshades running around the building at two levels, consist of curved and faceted aluminium aerofoil nosings mounted on a suspended substructure.
Typical scope items include: Substrate preparation; patch repair (including repairs to heritage tiling); new finishes; installation of corduroy and tactile strips; and stair nosings.