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noise reduction, NR

The difference in decibels between the average sound pressure levels produced in two rooms by a sound source in one of them.


The country code for Nauru.
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The rest of the school sites are awaiting ratings or were not rated for various reasons, including they had only young children enrolled and are not tested by the state.
"Although not rated as having the lowest price, John Deere continues to dominate the market by delivering a high-quality product through a well-qualified dealer network," states Jasper, who points to the research showing producers rated John Deere highly on the attributes of high quality, leader in technology and most qualified dealer/sales rep.
14.65 8:00 My Wife and Kids (R) 8.92 Survivor: Amazon 16.07 8:30 George Lopez (R) 8.39 (16.42) 16.76 9:00 Bachelor: Where Are They 9.14 Star Search 11.44 9:30 10:00 War coverage (not rated) War coverage (not rated) 10:30 THURS.
Further UNAIDS data show that the disease is spreading at great speed into regions previously not rated high-risk, such as Eastern Europe and Russia, Asia and the Caribbean.
An NR mark stands for not rated, but no negative information recorded, and an X identifies a company that is not rated where some elements of vulnerability have been recorded.
Swiss stopper Ramon Vega is not rated by his new manager and was dropped for the weekend win over Newcastle.
Ironically, many reports that receive awards, especially for design, are not rated highly by investment analysts, who are looking for strategy, management vision, detailed financial information, analyses and comments.
Before going Not Rated on the name, Goldman had a Sell rating on the shares.
"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?'' (Not rated) -- 7:30 p.m.
Summa Capital, a shareholder of Novorosiisk Sea Port (not rated), is among other bidders as well.