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An indicator that an event has occurred. Notifications are a major feature of smartphones and tablets, informing the user that an event such as a text message, e-mail, weather, news headline or social media update is now available on the device. By wrist vibration, they are also the primary attribute of smartwatches, providing a guaranteed alert when users' phones may be a few feet away. See notification fatigue and smartwatch.



an official notice sent by one state to another concerning some concrete fact, event, action, or document. Notification is sometimes provided for in treaties, for example, to announce that a treaty is going into effect, that a state is adhering to the treaty, or that a treaty is being denounced.

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Patrick Moran, 51, of Adderley Street, Hillfields, admitted failing to notify the DVLA of a vehicle transfer.
citizen who is being arrested or detained, you are entitled to have us notify your country's consular representatives here in the United States.
Notify customer service to suspend further activity on the policy and to set up a separate, interest-bearing account to hold future premium payments, premium refunds, payments on policy loans, and any other amounts paid or received on the policy.
The new requirements call for firms to notify the peer reviewer of any communications about allegations or investigations (including litigation) relating to the conduct of an accounting, audit or attestation engagement performed and reported on by the firm.
Under the guidance, a financial institution should notify its primary federal regulator of a security breach involving sensitive customer information, whether or not the institution notifies its customers.
On the other hand, if only the requesting spouse files a written protest asking for an Appeals conference, the Service will notify the nonrequesting spouse of the requesting spouse's protest and hold an Appeals conference with the requesting spouse.
And despite privacy laws intended to protect students, it may be possible (within permission guidelines) to work with students one families to establish lines of communication and notify family members of academic or disciplinary problems, or a health-related crisis
The letters notify teachers that they may be laid off, depending on the outcome of ongoing state budget negotiations.
For More Information For more information about any Notify products, please contact Notify directly at (408) 777-7930 or send an email to sales@notifycorp.
If both spouses file written protests requesting Appeals conferences, the Service will notify each spouse of the other's request.
But, from a practical standpoint, who would want to notify only Californians and then be subject to criticism for failing to notify non-Californians?