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The initiative depends upon the relationship between the taxpayer and the audit team, she stated, noting that there will always be room for improvement.
2000); and supra note 3 (MacDonald) noting that DEA has identified common characteristics of drug couriers that may include "the ethnic makeup of drug-trafficking organizations." MacDonald also asserts that "[t]he antiprofiling crusade thrives on ignorance of policing and a willful blindness to the demographics of crime." See also Hoover, "Why the Resistance to Collecting Race Data on Police Traffic Stops," Police Labor Monthly, July 2000, 5.
The court rejected this argument by noting that discriminated parties suffer noncompensatory injuries (e.g., indignation) and that damages arising from such injuries should be treated the same as physical injury damages that are excludible and often determined with reference to lost income.
Lange stated that the inquiry has slowed down the APA process considerably, noting that her company's request for an APA with Japan has been placed in limbo because the APA staff is gathering data to respond to the congressional inquiry.
Ng stated, noting it is inefficient for the IRS to use resources to hunt down specific taxpayers.
Zelisko agreed, noting that there are too many variables that have to be considered.
Beerbower explained that Treasury is becoming more involved with the training of agents, noting that she had recently met with international examiners.
He said taxpayers need to know how the system will work, noting that there are several problems to be resolved, including technological and confidentiality issues.