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symbol for element neptuniumneptunium
, radioactive chemical element; symbol Np; at. no. 93; mass number of most stable isotope 237; m.p. about 640°C;; b.p. 3,902°C; (estimated); sp. gr. 20.25 at 20°C;; valence +3, +4, +5, or +6. Neptunium is a ductile, silvery radioactive metal.
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(computer science)
The class of decision problems for which solutions can be checked in polynomial time.




The country code for Nepal.


(Number Portability) The capability of keeping the same telephone number when switching carriers or services. It all started with 800 numbers, which led to local number portability (LNP) and later to wireless number portability (WLNP). November 24, 2003 was known as "Cellphone Independence" day because it was the first time in the U.S. that customers in the top 100 metropolitan service areas (MSAs) could move their telephone numbers to a different carrier. In most cases, landline numbers can also be moved to a cellular carrier.
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The beginning of the poem contains several noun phrases and verbs that were counted as concrete: back out, drown, move out, a cabin, the skin, and the intestines.
We do not claim that this choice settles a long theoretical debate, but rather we believe that both properties together convey clear empirical criteria to identify whether a noun phrase is definite, according to its appropriateness (or lack thereof) in particular contexts.
In essence then, it is a cognitive process which dictates whether to insert the infinitive marker depending upon the syntactic complexity of the intervening noun phrase.
Spanish plural definite noun phrases occurring in subject position of ser-predicates are consistent with both generic and specific interpretations while predicates with estar receive specific interpretations in adult speech.
On a closer examination of the noun phrases in the EU texts, one of the first features noticed by the discourse analyst is the marked preference for rich modification.
Such nouns must normally occur with a specifier, typically a genitive noun phrase (e.
The use of numerals creates the confusion whether such instances should be considered noun phrases or noun phrase hybridization.
In this paper, we call the noun phrase with the highest centralness rank in a user's utterance (U) the focus.
The linear organization of descriptive and discourse-referential modifiers is investigated in more detail in Section 4, which focuses on the degree to which NP-internal ordering patterns reflect the organization of modifiers in the layered model of the noun phrase (ICONICITY).
Sherwood's book consists of the unusual, to this reader's ear, configuration of a noun phrase in the nominative, The Self in Early Modern Literature, joined by a colon to another noun phrase in the ablative: For the Common Good.
In his paper on 'The noun phrase in Gaelic speech and writing' (pp.