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Undoubtedly the position of supernumerary in a government office is precisely what the novitiate is in a religious order,--a trial.
In particular, the Brothers argued that it was economically unsound to send young men to novitiates hundreds of miles away in Montreal, Baltimore, or New York.
for men who counted on last-minute miracles, novitiates to zeitgeist,
It portrays two similarly attired males, which the reader could take as novitiates, posed as if bestowing benedictions on each other--which is ironic given the stance of the Catholic and other churches regarding homosexuality.
Brigid continued to tend both her sheep, her novitiates, and the poor, feeding all she could.
In 1990, he moved to Lebanon to stay at different monasteries and novitiates until he obtained permission to become a hermit.
Perhaps it is a spiritual exercise meant to teach the "right" way of living so novitiates gain joy in the afterlife.
They include relocating novitiates to focus candidates on pressing issues and service to the poor: One novitiate, for instance, moved to the U.
But inward looking pic offers little new for those familiar with the Basque problem, while not offering clear enough exposition to hook novitiates (read: foreign auds).
Also, transsexuals are not be admitted to seminaries, novitiates, or other training programs for consecrated life.
Signs bearing the distinctive golden wheel greet gourmands and novitiates traveling down the Via Emilia and signify that dairies with retail outlets are nearby.