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see National Organization for WomenNational Organization for Women
(NOW), group founded (1966) to support "full equality for women in America in a truly equal partnership with men." Its founder and first president was feminist leader Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique (1963).
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An expression used by ATC (air traffic control) when immediate compliance with an instruction is required to avoid an imminent situation.


feminist group working for social and political change. [Am. Hist.: NCE, 1886]
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Poligny, who had determined to "die game," as we say nowadays.
In the first place, we must call attention to the extreme care he gave to his linen, the only distinction that well- bred men can nowadays exhibit in their clothes.
I have never in my life been able to imagine any other sort of love, and have nowadays come to the point of sometimes thinking that love really consists in the right--freely given by the beloved object--to tyrannise over her.
It is by his courage, please observe, by his courage alone, that a gentleman can make his way nowadays.
Horses, nowadays, are not what they were formerly," observed Porthos; "everything degenerates.
As all sleds, nowadays, must have a name, the one in question had been honored with the title of Grandfather's chair, which was painted in golden letters on each of the sides.
I hardly think that any Socialist, nowadays, would seriously propose that an inspector should call every morning at each house to see that each citizen rose up and did manual labour for eight hours.
One has never heard his name before in the whole course of one's life, which speaks volumes for a man, nowadays.
An anchor of yesterday (because nowadays there are contrivances like mushrooms and things like claws, of no particular expression or shape - just hooks) - an anchor of yesterday is in its way a most efficient instrument.
That is true, my lord, but nowadays soldiers have generals.
Ah, nowadays people marry as often as they can, don't they?
Unfortunately, a chimera bombinating in a vacuum is, nowadays, only too capable of producing secondary causes.