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A unit of illumination, used in measuring low-level illumination, equal to 10-3 lux.


[näks or ¦en¦ō′eks]
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goddess of night. [Rom. Myth.: Wheeler, 261]
See: Night
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The combustion modification technology can help reduce 30 to 40 per cent of NOx emissions from these coal-fired boilers up to a level of less than 400 mg/Nm3 at 6 per cent oxygen content in flue gas on dry gas basis at induced draft fan outlet.
In order to identify the signaling pathway responsible for the AGEs/RAGE-mediated EMP release, we examined the role of NOX and ROS and found that AGEs/RAGE increased the levels of EMPs, NOX, and ROS, while the NOX inhibitor as well as ROS scavenger reversed these effects.
Punjab Environmental Protection Agency (PEPA) has issued an NOC mentioning ESP and Mercury control (even mentioning Minimata Convention membership of Pakistan) conspicuously avoiding Sox (FGD) and NOx (SCR) control equipment specifically.
All rats were randomly split up into five groups (each of which includes 7 rats) as follows: control group (0.1 ml of normal saline i.p.), Cis group (i.p.,7mg/kg), NOX (i.p., 20mg/kg b.w., for 10 days), NOX (i.p., 20 mg/kg b.w., for 10 days) + Cis (i.p., 7 mg/kg b.w.) cotreated, and NOX (i.p., 40 mg/kg b.w., for 10 days) + Cis (i.p., 7 mg/kg b.w.) cotreated.
RasGas introduced General Electric's (GE) Dry Low NOx technology in 2007 to the company's gas-fired turbines built before 2005.
Robbins reviewed the NOx formation in diesel engine and reported three standard ways of formation.
Synaptic localization of mitochondria [11, 12] and some NOX isoforms have been documented [8, 13].
After great market recognition in China and Southeast Asia, Nox App Player has begun its quest to rival Bluestacks in the English market.
As may be seen from scientific literature, numerous research papers prove that a lot of work has been done so far on NOx formation and on formation suppression methods [1, 2], still, frequently, research fails to provide scientific data on nature of nitrogen which is the source of these oxide formation.
In addition, it was shown that intravenous L-arginine significantly reduced exercise-induced increase in plasma lactate and ammonia and enhances the L-arginine NOx pathway during exercise (Schaefer, 2002).