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A unit of illumination, used in measuring low-level illumination, equal to 10-3 lux.


[näks or ¦en¦ō′eks]


goddess of night. [Rom. Myth.: Wheeler, 261]
See: Night
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Its main product Nox App Player is a powerful Android emulator that can run Android games and apps on PCs.
Kemp presented a case study of a metalcaster in a NOx emission trading area that could generate revenue from revamping its environmental equipment.
In fact, some stations increased their Smog Check prices when they began using the equipment last June; others began passing their costs on to consumers in September when NOx testing began.
Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage of the NOx control equipment industry's growth potential
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The scheduled expansion of the SIP Call into the higher NOx emitting, coal dominated regions of the Midwest and Southeast will lead to higher NOx prices in 2004.
These dynamic tests indicate that all or absolute majority of the NOx emissions originated in the black liquor droplets during in-flight burning.
The study calculated the value of NOx credits allocated annually by the EPA to the 131 pulp and paper companies covered under the EPA's NOx SIP Call Rule" received a less stringent emissions-reduction goal than the electric generation sector, which is also under the NOx program, there is a built-in incentive for pulp and paper facilities to "over control" and sell their NOx credits.
In addition, the Newton Power Plant of Springfield-based Ameren Energy Generating Company, ranks 13th in the nation's top 20 spots in a 2000 ranking of coal-fired generating plants with the lowest NOx emissions.
NOX Audio, a new, direct-to-consumer brand by Solteras Incorporated, a developer of leading-edge audio and acoustic products, introduces the Specialist, a portable and lightweight headset compatible with virtually all media devices, including PCs, iPods, portable gaming systems and cell phones.