nozzle ring

nozzle diaphragm

The ring of stationary vanes directly ahead of the turbine wheel. The vanes in the nozzle diaphragm act as a series of converging ducts that accelerates the airflow as it leaves the combustors and directs the flow of hot gases into the turbine in the direction of maximum efficiency. Also known as turbine inlet vanes or a nozzle ring. See nozzle blades.
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These gases are expanded through a nozzle ring. Here, the pressure energy thus created is converted into kinetic energy.
The VTA system consists of a nozzle ring equipped with adjustable vanes.
The sliding nozzle ring alters the aperture through which the exhaust gases flow onto the turbine wheel.
When it is time to clean the air cap, the robot automatically docks the gun into the cap cleaner where a ring of nozzles clean the air cap with solvent under pressure, after which the nozzle ring dries the cap with compressed air.
A mechanism to manually re-orient the diffuser and turbine nozzle ring vanes is under development, Once complete, the design will be built and then tested on the Turbocharger Test and Research Facility at the NGML.
* Change the turbocharger turbine nozzle ring area.
Varying the turbine nozzle ring blades has a similar affect.