Nuclear Engineering

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nuclear engineering

[′nü·klē·ər ‚en·jə′nir·iŋ]
The branch of technology that deals with the utilization of the nuclear fission process, and is concerned with the design and construction of nuclear reactors and auxiliary facilities, the development and fabrication of special materials, and the handling and processing of reactor products.

Nuclear Engineering


a branch of engineering that deals with nuclear energy; the aggregate of technical means and organizational measures involved in the industrial utilization of the nuclear properties of various materials.

Nuclear engineering is primarily concerned with reactor construction, the production of nuclear fuel, the manufacture of fuel elements for nuclear reactors, the processing of spent nuclear fuel, the separation of isotopes, the production and use of radioisotopes, and the development of ways of protecting personnel from radiation.

Nuclear engineering also attempts to solve many closely related scientific and technical problems, such as the industrial production of structural materials for nuclear reactors, in particular, graphite, heavy water, zirconium, and beryllium; the development of reliable systems for the automatic regulation and control of nuclear reactors and nuclear power plants; the development of effective systems for the removal and utilization of the heat released in the reactor; and the development of a theory and techniques for calculating nuclear-physics and thermal processes.

Nuclear engineering

The branch of engineering that deals with the production and use of nuclear energy and nuclear radiation. The multidisciplinary field of nuclear engineering is studied in many universities. In some it is offered in a special nuclear engineering department; in others it is offered in other departments, such as mechanical or chemical engineering. Primarily, nuclear engineering involves the conception, development, design, construction, operation, and decommissioning of facilities in which nuclear energy or nuclear radiation is generated or used.

Examples of facilities include nuclear power plants; nuclear propulsion reactors used for the propulsion of ships and submarines; space nuclear reactors, used to power satellites, probes, and vehicles; nuclear production reactors, which produce fissile or fusile materials used in nuclear weapons; nuclear research reactors, which generate neutrons and gamma rays for scientific research and medical and industrial applications; gamma cells, which are used for sterilizing medical equipment and food and for manufacturing polymers; particle accelerators, which produce nuclear radiation for use in medical and industrial applications; and nuclear waste repositories. See Nuclear power, Nuclear reactor, Radioactive waste management

Many nuclear engineers are also involved in the research and development of future fusion power plants—plants that will be based on the fusion reaction for generating nuclear energy. Many challenging engineering problems are involved, including the development of technologies for heating the fusion fuel to hundreds of millions of degrees; confining this ultrahot fuel; and compressing fusion fuel to many thousand times their natural solid density. See Nuclear fusion

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Yousef Abouhussein, another nuclear engineering student at Alexandria University Alexandria University, added, "I have benefited greatly from this wonderful experience, which included meeting many experts in the nuclear field.
D: As an undergraduate at MIT, I double-majored in mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering.
According to the agreement, China Nuclear Engineering Group is to install six 1-GW nuclear generation units in Fujian, Guangdong and Guangxi, and two 1.
Last year the magazine US News and World Report rated the MIT as the number two nuclear engineering graduate school in the US, after the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.
VCU is seeking state approval for a master's degree program in mechanical and nuclear engineering, and is using a grant from the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission to develop a nuclear track for its undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, Jamison said.
The company said it had been looking for a UK nuclear engineering company with a strong reputation to help win contracts in UK nuclear decommissioning.
The Swedish nuclear technology and services company Studsvik AB said on Wednesday (4 October) that it has won an order for its GARDEL core monitoring software from Japanese nuclear engineering services provider Nuclear Engineering Ltd.
NUCLEAR ENGINEERING (HOLDINGS) LTD, NEHL, has launched the first stage of its website upgrade.
Smith earned a bachelor's degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1976 and an MBA from Georgia State University in 1981.
Ambi-Rad AR40 and AR50 radiant tube heaters have been installed to provide background warmth during cold periods for employees at RWE Nukem, one of the UK's leading independent nuclear engineering companies.
He took some classes in nuclear engineering and nuclear physics while in the nuclear submarine training program at Union College, but he did not receive a degree from that college.
5 million to four groups of universities for nuclear power research plus 73 scholarships and fellowships to nuclear engineering students.

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