nuclear waste

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nuclear waste:

see radioactive wasteradioactive waste,
material containing the unusable radioactive byproducts of the scientific, military, and industrial applications of nuclear energy. Since its radioactivity presents a serious health hazard (see radiation sickness), disposing of such material is a great problem.
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Smith and Hadden said they have gone on nuclear waste tours before, one in West Texas last year and another this year for a separate proposed nuclear site in New Mexico.
NARUC noted that the nuclear waste issue has resulted in more than $5 billion dollars in court-awarded damage settlements at U.S.
"I am disappointed that the Trump administration is arrogantly choosing to ignore the fact that Nevadans don't want dangerous nuclear waste dumped on our state," Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford (D) said.
As per the report, the strict regulations and norms introduced globally for the reduction of harmful emissions are amongst the major factors fuelling the growth of the market for nuclear waste management.
With tens of thousands of metric tons of nuclear waste stacking up at nuclear power plants across the country, Republicans and Democrats are taking another look at the issue of nuclear storage.
"I think it is very important for everyone from the White House to our congressional delegation and the bureaucrats in the Energy Department to know that this agency stands unified against any efforts to make Mississippi America's nuclear waste dump.
"The ministry should have ideal staffing levels to work more closely on the detection of nuclear waste cases by complying with European Union standards, and a control mechanism should be part of this improvement," said Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning Deputy Undersecretary Mustafa EuztE-rk.
There are several means of dealing with nuclear waste, the best one is to recycle it by a MOX process.
Among its provisions, the bill requires that within 30 days of passage, the president must certify that Yucca Mountain remains the preferred choice to serve as the federal repository for spent nuclear fuel and defense-related nuclear waste. If the president fails to make the certification, or revokes it later, all funds currently in the Nuclear Waste Trust Fund are to be rebated back to the utilities.
Scottish people did not ask or agree to the repository for nuclear waste.
Law and Policy on Nuclear Waste (Vanderbilt University Press) by New York University professor Richard Burleson Stewart and environmental lawyer Jane Bloom Stewart.

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