nuclear waste

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nuclear waste:

see radioactive wasteradioactive waste,
material containing the unusable radioactive byproducts of the scientific, military, and industrial applications of nuclear energy. Since its radioactivity presents a serious health hazard (see radiation sickness), disposing of such material is a great problem.
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Congress designated Nevada's Yucca Mountain as a national nuclear waste repository in 1982, but the project has been stalled by political opposition from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and others.
I am disappointed that the Trump administration is arrogantly choosing to ignore the fact that Nevadans don't want dangerous nuclear waste dumped on our state," Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford (D) said.
On the other hand, as per the report, the high cost of initial investment may restrain the development of the global nuclear waste management market.
The president has long insisted that science should have a primary role in decision-making, yet he was curiously unswayed by a Nuclear Regulatory Commission report that found the Yucca Mountain site could safely store nuclear waste for a million years.
There is no reason why nuclear waste should not be disposed of in the deep subducting regions of the ocean where tectonic forces draw all deposits down into the magma.
The nuclear waste is currently stored at 121 temporary locations across the U.
We face an impending high-level nuclear waste crisis (not to mention low-level and transuranic waste).
who already has declared the federal nuclear waste repository ``dead,'' congressional Democrats are expected to severely decrease funding for the dump.
Moreover, the government wants to put nuclear waste into the abandon mines of Atikokan.
My Government strongly disputes that we have any 'obligation' to store Australia's nuclear waste, especially as we produce less than one percent of it.
TERRORISTS could target a train carrying nuclear waste across North Wales using a timetable bought across the counter, it was claimed last night.
A British freighter headed to Japan on Wednesday with a cargo of highly radioactive reprocessed nuclear waste owned by Japanese power companies.

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