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s]--macro cross-section of a scattering for the i-th nuclide,
0] is the original activity, and [lambda] is the decay constant of the nuclide taken into consideration.
The element-forging processes that occur in stars and supernovas seem to bypass the nuclide.
This kind of stimulating effect of denudation on weathering rates has been confirmed by cosmogonic nuclide and geochemical mass balance studies in mountainous catchments in different climates, showing that erosion rates (depending mainly on uplift rates) had a stronger effect on weathering rates than climate (Riebe et al.
Second, in order to be able to express (almost) all the nuclide masses through continued fractions, we have to split the data set of non-radioactive nuclide masses into groups:
The relationship between the efficiency curves for the tracer and nuclide of interest is typically determined using one of several computational models [46-54].
In this minimally invasive scintigraphy, patients only need to lie down for about 20 minutes following nuclide injection.
where x represents the nuclide of interest, n is the number of different kinds of buildings materials used in a room, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide surface exposure dating of the oldest glacial successions in the Himalayan orogen: Ladakh Range, northern India.
The official said,  environmental protection department detected trace amount of artificial radioactive nuclide Iodine-131 in aerosol samples of monitoring sites today at those seven provinces and cities with the concentrations below10-4 Becquerel/m3.
The rock samples we collect from these land forms will studied using a novel technique called cosmogenic nuclide dating analysis we can ascertain how long they have been exposed to sunlight and cosmic rays from stars in space.