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see sea slugsea slug,
name for a marine gastropod mollusk that lacks a shell as an adult and is usually brightly colored. Sea slugs, or nudibranchs, are distributed throughout the world, with the greatest numbers and the largest kinds found in tropical waters.
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It represents the first example of direct development in a non-dendrodoridid nudibranch from the region.
The display is centred around watercolour drawings of nudibranchs ( a variety of sea slugs.
Discover the stories behind some of the exhibits and view watercolour drawings of British nudibranchs.
Bernard Picton, of the National Museums Northern Ireland, explained: "One nudibranch faces one way and one faces the other way, with the right hand side of their bodies touching.
KEY WORDS: nudibranch, Jorunna funebris, Dorididae, embryonic development, veliger, Gulf of Thailand
Discover all about Nudibranchs ( beautiful sea slugs, in this special exhibition.
Chromodoris galexorum is a colorful nudibranch, with red rhinophores and gills and yellow-ringed reddish spots on a creamy white background.
In addition, he prepared all the preliminary sketches and finished paintings of about 70 nudibranch mollusks and 12 polyclad turbellarians, and the preliminary sketches of a few ctenophores, a sea cucumber, and a crab.
This enrichment of arachidonic acid in the eggs of both species of Polycera suggests that this fatty acid may be important for nudibranch embryo development.
This nudibranch was not seen at Santa Catalina Island until the 1997-98 ENSO event, when two adults were collected in summer 1998 near the intake pipes at the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies (Fig.
Influence of solar radiation, microalgal fouling, and current on deposition site and survival of embryos of a dorid nudibranch gastropod.
Oxidative breakdown products of catecholamines and hydrogen peroxide induce partial metamorphosis in the nudibranch Phestilla sibogae Bergh (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia).