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practice of going without clothing in social settings, generally in mixed gender groups and for purposes of good health or personal comfort. Governed by a strict set of rules, the practice of nudism is purposely nonerotic and nonsexual. As a social and philosophical movement, nudism began in Germany in the early 20th cent. and spread throughout Europe between the two World Wars. It originated as a protest against strict Victorian codes of behavior and sought to alleviate the ignorance and shame caused by hiding the human body. Nudism also represented a challenge to the traditional dichotomy that celebrates nudity in artistic representation but condemns it as a practice in everyday life. Stressing nudism's supposed benefits to physical health and mental well-being, contemporary adherents of the movement maintain that its practice aids both exercise and relaxation while promoting stress relief, positive body image, and increased self-esteem.

In the United States, nudism as an organized movement began in 1929 with an upstate New York picnic organized by German immigrant Kurt Barthel and achieved some popularity in North America during the 1930s. Today nudism, which commonly includes sunbathing, swimming, sports, and other social activities, is usually practiced at clubs, camps, and parks and on special nude beaches. The Denmark-based International Naturist Federation, which has a membership of almost 500,000 in more than 60 countries, is devoted to worldwide nudist activities. The largest North American advocacy group, with a membership of nearly 50,000, is the Florida-based American Association for Nude Recreation, founded in 1931 and until 1995 known as the American Sunbathing Association.

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Intolerance for wearing clothing, with a morbid tendency for the individual to remove her or his clothing.
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This recovery also implied moral perfection because, in nudism, the body "did not become a vehicle for outrageous behavior, but instead became a constant, living reminder to its owner of the need for restraint, sobriety and pure living" (106).
(28) In addition to working as an antidote to endless hours spent in windowless, airless offices, Jaerschkh and other proponents of nudism preached that exposure to the elements assisted the body to perform certain physiological operations obstructed by clothing.
To answer this, he traces the rise of "an international nudist subculture" in the interwar period, charting the movement of nudism from an ascetic medical phenomenon to a more pleasure-centered and economically useful leisure pursuit (60).
Social nudism, also referred to as "public nudity," "skinny dipping," "sunning," and "clothes-free," promotes the absence of clothing during social interactions (Barcan 2004b; Cooper 2011; Daley 2005; Warren 1933; Woodall 2002).
the outsiders are soon hugging trees and experimenting with nudism. A visit to the loo is less than straightforward while the hippies are free to go where they please.
Bangkok, Thailand, May 13, 2011 --( A person would think a western concept such as naturism or nudism would not be accepted in Asia, but they would think wrong.
But with the law on nudism currently unclear, the organisation is careful to stay away from beaches and coastal sites the general public like to frequent - just in case they offend anyone.
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The site started life in 2008 after Maddocks and some classmates from Manchester Metropolitan University decided to sample the experience of nudism on holiday in Wales.
Irrfan says the film will attempt to show society's hypocrisy when it comes to nudism in art.
Karl Maddocks created the Skinbook site for those who are curious about nudism.
Long before the hedonists of the roaring twenties took it up, sun-worship was central to a lifestyle ideal of a decidedly different and unglamorous kind: back-to-nature nudism.