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Also, there is a lifetime warranty on cables, null modem adapters, wire terminals and other non-electronic products along with lifetime support.
This system has been tested; it has been found that it's highly reliable for null modem connection by using two external extra wires through RS 232.
A modem cable has the wires in the cable going straight through, whereas a null modem cable has the transmit and receive lines (as well as the handshaking lines) crossed in the cable.
(FTDI) announced its USB NMC-2.5m USB to USB Null modem cable that offers a quick and convenient method of inter-PC communication using USB ports.
Required for Multiplayer: Type and frequency of processor: Pentium 200 MHz (or compatible); 1 CD Per PC for all multiplayer modes; 2 to 8 players: Via local network: IPX or TCP/IP (requires network card) or Via Internet: TCP/IP or IPX (requires at least a 28.8 kbps modem and Internet Service Provider); 2 players: Via direct modem connection (requires a 28.8 kbps connection) or Via serial cable link (requires null modem cable and 16550 UART high speed serial port)
NULL MODEM: Direct cable connection between two computers using their serial ports.
disk and I'll load it at home or I can carry a null modem cable with appropriate file-transfer software.