number-average molecular weight

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number-average molecular weight:

see molecular weightmolecular weight,
weight of a molecule of a substance expressed in atomic mass units (amu). The molecular weight may be calculated from the molecular formula of the substance; it is the sum of the atomic weights of the atoms making up the molecule.
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Results were presented in a table showing number-average molecular weights, polydispersity and conversion after 5 h at 135[degrees]C.
Yu (4) used two grades of PE with identical number-average molecular weight but differing in molecular weight distribution.
Taking chloroform as an example, the number-average molecular weight of PPO does not change with the increase of chloroform content when chloroform content is below 15 wt%.
Therefore, the numerical computation expression of number-average molecular weight, [bar.
The functionality (f) of the liquid rubber was calculated by multiplying the carboxyl content, expressed in equiv/g, with the number-average molecular weight.
The average molecular weights, such as the number-average molecular weight [M.
This is one of the facts that explains the discrepancies between the calculated and measured absolute values of the weight-average and number-average molecular weight.