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In this case, I determined the system (a set of coordinate values) when I had specified values for each hospital and each DRG in the sample, in addition to one for length of stay because it is a numeric variable and one other included in the structure of the analysis for the intercept (the value at which the fitted line crosses the y-axis), which is also a numeric variable.
It has five parameters: training data set (contains classified cases); score--data set containing cases to be classified; nclass--# classes (C); target--name of the variable in the 'train' data set that has the class number (Y); 'target' is assumed to be a numeric variable with values 1,2,..
* Stats packages turn each level into a dummy variable with values of 0 and 1, then treat each as a numeric variable. Example:
Because the Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) allows the monitoring of any variable expressed by an integer value, in addition to the monitoring of incoming and outgoing traffic, it can be also used as front-end software, for the monitoring of any other variables, which can be acquired from the manufacturing network (from servers, workstations, machines, robots and other manufacturing devices)for every defined time period (usually every 5 minutes) and represented as a numeric variable.
* any other variables, which can be acquired from the network every defined time period and then represented as a numeric variable.
So for each numeric variable you wish to analyze, you should either use the actual numbers or a coded value.
(9) Age is a numeric variable. To use age for the prediction, I multiply the age in years times the age coefficient.
The categorical variables were expressed as frequency and percentages whereas numeric variable such as age was expressed as mean and SD by using SPSS version 16.
Mean and standard deviation was utilized to report numeric variable and percentage was utilized to report proportions.
Categorical variables were calculated as frequency and percentages whereas numeric variable that is age in years was calculated as minimum and maximum.
Gender was nominal whereas age was numeric variable. Research variables were; DNA of mycobacterium TB, Rifampicin resistance.
Frequency and percentages were calculated for categorical variables whereas mean and standered deviation for numeric variable. Descriptive statistical analysis was done.