numerical map

digital map

digital map
digital map
i. A map expressed and stored in digital form.
ii. A representation, in digital form, of discrete points on the earth's surface. Also called a numerical map.
i. The positive acute angle between the lateral axis of an airplane and a line through the center of a wing or horizontal stabilizer. A dihedral is normally associated with a low-wing aircraft, although some dihedral angles may be incorporated into high-wing aircraft as well. A dihedral increases the lateral stability of an airplane.
ii. The angular difference between the chords of the wing and the tailplane. This is normally referred to as longitudinal dihedral.
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Much of the subject matter of analytical cartography--projections, transformations, topology, data models, generalization, spatial interpolation, spatial filtering, dynamic mapping, numerical map analysis, and so on--has subsequently become tightly integrated into GIS (Clarke and Cloud, 2000, 195).
7] only contented with a general evaluation of the local people through questions and the numerical map was finally interpreted based on local people.
The contract is for the modernization of the land and buildings - performance numerical cadastral map of the full text, with the addition of the land and buildings on the details of the buildings and premises, the creation of object-oriented numerical map of buildings along with the update built-up areas and urban areas in the municipalities of: sepElno krajenskie wiecbork, sosno stone krajenski - all relevant to the preparation and updating of maps built-up areas and urban areas, precincts: oak, ajuga, large cerkwica, small cerkwica, booted eagle, plocicz - to complement the land and buildings on the details of the buildings and premises.
The division into stages and geographical range of individual stages of the development of numerical maps define the fundamental technical conditions, constituting Annex 1 to the model contract (Annex 8a, 8b, 8c hereto).
Muscat, April 24 (ONA) The latest numerical maps point out that the Sultanate may remain affected by the instability condition till the end of this month.
Update the numerical maps of the land and buildings (drawn on a scale of 1:500 and 1:1000 base), with the addition of missing or updating the existing database objects (boundaries of parcels - in the case locate in the county geodetic and cartographic resource data revealed no boundaries previously on map numerical boundary points measured directly in the field or need to determine borders of nearby buildings, in the absence of legal data on the boundaries, boundaries and contours of land classification, buildings and premises) in accordance with applicable law, to improve the functioning of the computer system that supports database ;

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