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RC Church a diplomatic representative of the Holy See, ranking above an internuncio and esp having ambassadorial status



a permanent diplomatic representative of the pope in states with which the papacy maintains official diplomatic relations.

The nuncio corresponds in diplomatic rank to an ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary. The institution of the permanent representation of a nuncio appeared in the first half of the 16th century. In most Catholic countries, nuncios represent the senior officials (doyens) of the diplomatic corps.

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He has published three volumes of papal bulls and letters from 1198 to 1415 that he found in the Archives nationales de Paris, as well as the correspondance as papal nuncio in France from 1601 to 1604 of Innocenzo del Bufalo, and the letters of Henri IV concerning relations between the papacy and France.
Note that his chosen time frame of "the last 30 years" coincides neatly with the decline of baby boomer impregnability as a new cohort has been willing to ignore the nuncios and Kodak moments of the 68ers.
Well before World War II, as reports from apostolic nuncios and episcopal conferences show, the Vatican was aware of the dangers inherent in Nazism.