nuns' choir

nuns’ choir

A seating area in a church which is reserved for nuns attending mass.
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Though the sequin-free lifestyle doesn't agree with her, Deloris finds her vocation working with the nuns' choir and breathing new life into the dusty convent whilst at the same time discovering a sisterhood she's never experienced before.
They vary between wraith armies of soldiers tortured in red-hot armour, and a 9-year-old girl who returns to her place in the nuns' choir to atone for her habit of whispering during divine service.
15r); the segregation of the professed nuns from their numerous lay sisters by a subdivision of the nuns' choir (fol.
The Hopital curate who celebrated the Mass merely smiled at the tuneless enthusiasm of the little boy, who could not refrain from accompanying the nuns' choir.
The liturgical part of the ceremony took place in the nuns' choir (in the chapel of San Tarasio), with the patriarch and his vicar seated on wooden thrones, and the abbess and her nuns kneeling around the altar.