nuphar lutea

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Leaves look like typical water lily, but flowers are yellow cup-like. Root used for stomach problems, heart, inflammation, spasms, constricts blood vessels. Do not take too much.
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The vegetation in Group 1 was dominated by Fontinalis antipyretica (78% of the sites), Nuphar lutea (70%), and Sparganium emersum (70%).
In Group 5 the dominant species was Nuphar lutea, which was present in 86% of the sites.
Alisma plantago-aquatica, Elodea canadensis, Nuphar lutea, Sparganium emersum, and S.
Among the floating-leaved plants, Nuphar lutea and Nymphaea alba were most widely distributed along the western shore of L.
Nymphaea alba, Potamogeton praelongus, and Nuphar lutea (Table 2).
Only a few seeds of Nuphar lutea were found at three points: JM1 (D 1.