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nuraghe, noraghe

Prehistoric round towers and agglomerations of stone huts peculiar to Sardinia.
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IL Nuraghe then sold the wine business and rented the property to Eurocraft Stone, a marble manufacturer, until listing the asset for sale with Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates.
Nell'interno del nuraghe e penombra, e il silenzio pare piu fitto.
A one-hour drive would take you to other charismatic sights at Bosa, Castelsardo, Stintino and the Nuraghe of Torralba.
Both as a university teacher and as an excavator, her capacity for stimulating interest and identifying new lines of enquiry covered a wide range: the maintenance of high professional standards throughout the never-ending boom in Sardinian discovery and excavation owes much to her exemplary investigations of the monuments of the Gallura; of the architecture, art and rituals of the domus de janas; of the Beaker and Bonnanaro phenomena; and, following her famous discoveries at the Nuraghe Antigori in 1979-80, of the Mycenaeans in Sardinia.
The rugs are sold under the label Nuraghe Collection and are handmade in Sardinia.
Nuraghe Sirai entered into the system and then in the service of management, the actual full accessibility or otherwise made prior arrangements for services visit by appointment,
For an informal Tuscan dinner and friendly service head for Il Nuraghe (Via Mazzini 58; call 050 443-68 while youOre there) where the menu provides local favourites such as bruschetta, risotto and excellent lamb for around pounds 17 per head, including a carafe of wine.