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This has made possible a fast spreading of the IGM, but also limited it to quadratic or cubic NURBS in complex simulations.
New PolyNURBS toolset with Nurbify -- Convert a polygonal model to an organic NURBS surface with a single click using the new Nurbify tool.
In this paper, we propose a novel zero-watermarking algorithm which utilizes the NURBS data of CAD models.
NURBS are mathematical representations of 2D or 3D objects, which can be standard shapes or free-form shapes.
Keywords--Evolutionary Strategies, NURBS, SOM, Surface optimization.
The product uses patent-pending N-Sided-Surfacing, a new generation of 3D surface modeling that enables fast, flexible 3D shape modeling without the hassle and grind created by NURBS and Bezier-based systems.
Some high-end CNCs have advanced options to machine NURBS surfaces directly with specially-formatted part programs.
In addition, says the company, the interface offers a stand-alone package for reverse engineering of mechanical and complex, free-form parts such as auto bodies, airplanes, boat hulls, and ergonomic consumer products; easy-to-use tools and documentation for leapfrogging to digitize large parts; powerful tools for accurately comparing digitized points to surfaces; accurate NURBS modeling features that allow users to manufacture directly from Rhino models; support for most CAD-file formats; availability in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and Czech; and openGL hardware acceleration.
This eliminates the expensive step of trying to build a NURBS surface onto these organic shapes.
Polygon meshes and cross-sections produced in EvalViewer or Spider, along with the original scanned data, can be transferred to Studio, AutoStudio or SurfaceStudio for advanced NURBS surface fitting and complete NURBS modeling.
Among the value leaders in digital CNC, Siemens has introduced PC-based controls expressly for job shops and producers who require full function CNC, but who recognize that such features as acceleration with jerk limitation, direct NURBS interpolation, high level language expansion, execution of large CNC programs from the hard disk, cycle support, 100 zero offsets, and multiple compensations should be included as standard.
NURBS can be used to represent analytic shapes, such as cones, as well as free-form shapes, such as car bodies.