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In future, authors propose to investigate NURBS surfaces by the presented method; authors plan to extend proposed method to work with more advanced focusing methodologies starting with classical total focusing method [14] and its variants.
A brief review of B-splines and the basics of NURBS is given in Section 2 together with the isogeometric discretization of the biharmonic model problem.
Based on the analysis of constraints for underwater Robot and the basic fluid mechanics, the resistance of underwater Robot is determined, the filter functions are smoothed, and underwater Robot path is controlled by using NURBS curve fitting method
In the next section, we would use this matrix to compute the control points and weights for NURBS pathway fitting.
Zhengjin, "Performance evaluation of a real-time interpolation algorithm for NURBS curves," The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, vol.
The POF was modeled as a series of cylinders, and their coordinates were controlled by FFD and NURBS. Arbitrary weave structure could be simulated easily by inputting peg strings.
For the above, the NURBS (nonuniform Rational B-Spline) surface fitting algorithm that guarantees the accuracy of positions and shapes of array elements and the local model reconstruction algorithm that ensures the accuracy of amplitudes and phases of feed connectors are proposed.
Choi and Cho [18] calculated the KI factor for a semielliptic crack using the NURBS function in the finite element method (MEF) formulation.
We use both quadratic and cubic NURBS with maximal smoothness to model the shell and compare the results against Abaqus and Nastran in terms of accuracy per degree-of-freedom.
Besides, the digital construction of error tooth surface of involute gears is realized on the basis of NURBS surface.
Like NURBS bases, analysis-suitable T-spline bases have the important properties of the analysis basis functions.