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symbol for the element sodiumsodium,
a metallic chemical element; symbol Na [Lat. natrium]; at. no. 11; at. wt. 22.98977; m.p. 97.81°C;; b.p. 892.9°C;; sp. gr. 0.971 at 20°C;; valence +1. Sodium is a soft, silver-white metal.
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The country code for Namibia.

numerical aperture

The measurement of the acceptance angle of an optical fiber, which is the maximum angle at which the core of the fiber will take in light that will be contained within the core. Taken from the fiber core axis (center of core), the measurement is the square root of the squared refractive index of the core minus the squared refractive index of the cladding. See critical angle and fiber optics glossary.

The Acceptance Angle
The numerical aperture measures the acceptance angle of a fiber.
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To ameliorate that situation, Clare Oaks worked with ECC to develop an apprenticeship model for certified nursing assistants in which an employer covers tuition, oversees first work experiences and pays wages to ECC students.
(27) The 17-item questionnaire was subsequently piloted with one program director and three nursing assistant program educators from New England for clarity and comprehension.
Is it feasible or advantageous to train nursing assistants to score residents for ADLs based on the new six-point scale?
Rick Betts, a nursing assistant at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, is coaching at the Brazilian |Paralympic Schools Games
Pillemer (human development, Cornell U.) helps nursing assistants be more successful in their jobs at nursing homes.
Thirty-four percent of nursing assistants surveyed in the study reported being physically injured by a nursing home resident in the previous year, researchers found, with nursing assistants working in Alzheimer's care units at higher risk for such injury, including being bitten.
POLICE were last night looking for a Bahraini man who allegedly assaulted a nursing assistant at Salmaniya Medical Complex.
In 1973, a consumer member was added to represent the viewpoint of the general public, and in 1995, a certified nursing assistant member was added to represent the CNA community.
The nursing assistant taking my blood pressure at the time slowly rotated her entire body and face toward me, tilted her head just a bit to the side, and stuck her tongue out at me!
Caption: Ann Werden, left, a licensed nursing assistant at Home Healthcare, Hospice & Community Services in Keene, was honored by the Home Care of Association of New Hampshire at a State House ceremony honoring caregivers as part of New Hampshire Nursing Assistant Day.
Trentcosta, a nursing assistant who had been with the VAMC for approximately one and one-half months, was making her rounds offering haircuts and shaves to patients who requested them.
"Acquiring E-quipping further cements HCPro's position as the leading provider of Certified Nursing Assistant training and continuing education materials," Guzowsky said.

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